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American Ingenuity, Innovation, & Engineering

   VETS originated from two former military veterans and three lifelong defense systems engineers under the premise that engineering should be a catalyst for innovation and not a burden.  Over our years of both military and commercial engineering experience we experienced the same pitfalls, roadblocks, and constraints happening repeatedly. These issues are further compounded when combined with employee attrition rates, antiquated mindsets, and focus on profit over quality.


   In 2018 the Office of the Secretary of Defense released their DoD Digital Engineering Strategy identifying the critical need for Digital Engineering across DoD and implemented the strategy to start the transformation.  This critical need to modernize our defense systems and prioritize speed of delivery to fight and win the wars of the future while incorporating greater performance and affordability becomes achievable with the implementation of Digital Engineering (DE), but not DE alone. It also, requires individuals and companies to adopt new mindsets, implement new processes, and place quality an innovation over immediate profit. These things combined are what is needed to create a cultural shift to digital engineering.


   This is why VETS was born! We have refused to remain helpless behind barriers outside of our control, but instead provide a disruptive force to expedite the digital transformation.  The VETS founding team has a combined 150+ years of Systems Engineering, Model Based Systems Engineering, and military experience. (Trust me there’s a lot of lessons learned in there) When we combined that experience with the value we place on our people and the team we are growing engineering becomes a catalyst again!


Want to learn more about VETS or collaborate to drive innovation and change?

Contact us: Jason.Thompson@VETSLLC.ORG

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