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Our organization is an Illinois based company dedicated to preventing financial crisis by proactively funding long term care costs prior to necessity with “Double Duty Dollars.” During our thirty years in the Financial Services industry we became aware of the income shortage that Veterans experience while trying to pay for long term care. We then founded Veterans Consultants Inc. and have successfully helped hundreds of Veterans obtain the tax free VA Aid and Attendance Benefit. Recognizing that the need for assistance in paying for long term care was not exclusive to Veterans, Funding Solutions was created for the education and awareness of Independent and Assisted Living staff and potential residents.

After doing the research, our corporate advisory team stated: “It has become apparent that 77 million “baby boomers are marching toward a long term care crisis, totally unaware that neither Medicare nor Medicaid will pay for LTC expenses on a long term basis”. Unfortunately, a financial foundation that does not include planning for long term care can destroy the golden years.” It is because of this pending “baby boomer” crisis that our company re-prioritized our perspective to encompass both Veterans and non-Veterans, in the forms of Veterans Consultants Inc. and Funding Solutions. Both organizations are dedicated to helping individuals utilize alternative solutions to protect their retirement with liquidity, safety and long term care alternatives.

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