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    Veterans Consultants, Inc. is a private company that helps Veterans and their spouses meet the strict guidelines for qualification for the VA's Aid and Attendance pension as well as Medicaid.  We have representatives in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and New Jersey.  All of our representatives have many years experience and special training to work with you and your other professionals such as attorneys, accountants, and Veteran’s Officers. Veterans Consultants Inc (VCI) when determined necessary to qualify, will assist you in aligning your income and expenses to qualify for the VA benefit.

   The Aid and Attendance pension is sometimes called “the little known benefit” because out of approximately 23 million Veterans who qualify, only around 153,000 individuals are receiving the benefit currently. Some even question whether it  exists, but the benefit has been around since President Truman created the fund at the end of World War II.

       Moving into an assisted living facility or requesting in home care is a serious decision for the Veteran and the family.  Paying for the additional care can be a burden.  Let us help make this transition a more positive one.  We would be honored to "work for you" helping you obtain this "tax free" benefit.
                   Thank you for your service and sacrifice for our country.

How We Work for You: Short on time? Click here to download a copy.
1. We provide each veteran with a dedicated Client Care Manager to guide and assist them and their families through the Pension application process.

2. We explain the history and purpose of the Aid & Attendance Pension and the four areas the VA will analyze in determining a claimants qualification.

3. We explain and provide the Pension related forms necessary to apply as well as a complete list of the personal documents they will need to gather and how to get them if they are not on hand.

4. We know that in order for the family to look out for the veteran in this process they must understand the benefit and steps to qualification. When the family is not able to attend our educational workshops, they can catch our introductory video snippets by our CEO, Kenda Pardy, anytime on our website. 

5. We guide the veteran and/or family to eliminate specific obstacles standing in the way of qualification, i.e. improper discharge papers, incomplete doctor’s examination, unbalanced income vs. expenses, excessive or questionable asset allocation, home sale profits, etc.   Only when financial obstacles are present, our professional consulting services are offered for a nominal fee to help bring their financial picture into alignment with VA standards. Note: The local VO is not able to provide these services.  Our consultation includes:

  • A visual of the claimant’s current financial picture and qualification obstacles
  • Proposed financial realignment plan explained and discussed with all questions answered
  • A final visual of the claimant’s financial picture incorporating proposed changes and the VA Pension
  • Medicaid or Aid & Attendance crisis prevention. Medicaid has a 5 year look back.  The Aid & Attendance Pension has a 1 day look back; however, the VA has proposed to change to 3 years.

6. We electronically populate the application and associated forms based on the information and personal documents provided to us. Then we come to the veteran and family for review and signatures. There is never a charge for our application completion service.

7.We hand deliver all applications at the end of each month directly to the VA. Our VA representative reviews to uncover any prior claim activity and numbers. This saves time by eliminating several steps in the application process.  Because we know original discharge papers are precious, our VA representative copies, certifies and returns the original to us to be returned to the veteran or family.

8. We ask the veteran or family to watch their mail and the designated bank account for any communication or deposit from the VA.  We continue to guide the family until the Pension installments due from the date of application have been paid.

9. We appreciate and edify our referring communities.  We let their families and referrals know how positive it is that they are taking steps through a partnership with us to help them qualify for this Pension. We also provide monthly updates on their referrals.

     Don't wait any longer to receive the benefits you deserve!  Click here to contact us and see if you qualify.

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